“Focusing on the basic principles of fuel-air mixing, combustion, catalytic exhaust aftertreatment, control and enhanced tribology, REWARD’s holistic approach supports a comprehensive advancement of Diesel engines….” Read more…


“Diesel engines will keep an important market share in Europe for the next 10-20 years, and should keep a 10-15% advantage in CO2 emissions compared to Gasoline engines. REWARD is... Read more


“Within the REWARD project, Volvo Cars focuses on the challenge of utilizing a 2.0 l Diesel engine (> 100kW/l, i.e. heavy downsizing) for class D/E vehicles to achieve 5% more fuel... Read more


“The REWARD project is the perfect platform where car manufacturers, suppliers, research centres and universities meet together to develop future technologies for Diesel engines targeting post Euro 6 emissions and... Read more


“In the REWARD project, IM-CNR contributes with optical and numerical analysis of the injection/combustion behavior in an optical SC CI engine and fuel sensitivity analysis of the performance and emissions... Read more


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