REWARD Final Results

The REWARD Final Event took place on Wednesday 18 April at Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA) in Vienna.
This event was organized by AVL and the REWARD partners in collaboration with the dieper consortium.

The one day event was a joint stakeholder event with the dieper project, focusing mainly on the REWARD results, including the future research outlook and the future take up of the results via dieper and other initiatives. These future scenarios have been discussed in a lively stakeholder panel discussion.
During the breaks, there were possibilities to view the demonstrators (2 vehicles) and a poster exhibition was organised.

Presentations of final results

  1. Welcome by Herwig Ofner, REWARD project coordinator
  2. Presentation of the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Geringer, Director of Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology Vienna University of Technology
    The Future of Diesel Engines for Passenger Cars
  3. Presentation by Herwig Ofner, REWARD project coordinator: project introduction and overview
  4. Presentation by Marco Tonetti , CRF and Ricardo Brugnara, Schäffler: Aftertreatment System Technologies and Technologies for High Efficiency
    (friction reduction and combustion efficiency)
  5. Presentation by Ludwig Buergler, AVL List GmbH and Philippe Mallet, Renault:  Engine Right Sizing Approach for a Passenger Car
  6. Presentation by Stefan Bohatsch, Volvo:  Engine Downsizing Approach for a Passenger Car
  7. Presentation by Fano Rampanarivo, Renault: 2-Stroke Engine Architecture


Impression of the day