Preparing for the assessment & evaluation of the project results

The emission targets are clearly defined in terms of absolute values. Therefore the extensive testing conditions for the assessment of the vehicles were discussed and are defined. There will be chassis tests with WLTP. A 30 minutes lasting RDE cycle will be created for the chassis to do reproducible measurements with both baseline and demonstrator. These results can be used for showing the fuel consumption benefits and further emissions can be evaluated with the demonstrator. To show compliance with RDE, also an on-road RDE with PEMS will be executed. Routes, as well as conditions for a valid and representative RDE evaluation were suggested for both vehicles.

The target of the REWARD project is not only to reach very severe emission values but also to go below a cost limit. There has been done a first evaluation of costs for the employed demonstrator technologies. These additional costs are calculated as 781 € for the demonstration vehicle of WP 5. The extra costs for the demo vehicle of WP 6 are calculated as 803 €. For valuation of the costs, they are compared to prior emission reduction costs.The additional manufacturing costs for both vehicles agree very well to the historic data for the costs of emission reduction technologies.In the course of the project an interim report is presented which includes some minor changes in costs due to adaptions with the particular prototypes.