Istituto Motori (IM) was founded in 1940 with the statutory task to perform studies and research of scientific and technological kind in the field of engines, their components and the related chemical-physical phenomena. IM is the reference institute in Italy for studies and experimental researches on internal combustion engines. In this field, IM carries out both fundamental and applied research activities. Other research areas are also covered like hybrid, electrical and fuel cell powertrains, fundamental research on alternative and renewable fuels, power-generation with gas turbine.

The main fields of the research concerns the internal combustion engines are:

  • Thermo-fluid dynamic phenomena of the engines carried out by means of experimental and numerical tools;
  • Engine technology and system control;
  • Gaseous Fuels, Alternative Fuels and Fuel-Engine Interaction;
  • Vehicle-engine-environment interaction;

The available facilities include several test benches (dynamic and steady state testing) for engine and after-treatment characterization, development and optimization; special test rigs for fundamental studies (optical combustion vessel, optical engines and metal single-cylinder research engines); monodimensional and multidimensional numerical tools for modelling and simulation of the thermo-fluid-dynamic phenomena involved in engines.

In the last years, the IM has played a leading role, co-operating with industrial partners, in the technological evolution of both the internal combustion engine and the fuels. IM comprises about 90 units of staff, of which 40 are Technician and Administrative employees, and 47 Researchers and Technologists. Periodically, PhD, post-PhD and contract researchers cooperate with the permanent staff.

Country: Italy