Future 2-stroke A/B class Diesel engine architecture

The architecture of the Diesel 2-Stroke engine has been chosen in order to provide the best Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and the best scavenge. Alternative architectures were rejected by intensive OD, 1D and 3D calculations. Important insights were gained on how to break the trade-off between swirl targets and scavenge efficiency and on the key parameters for the intake ports design. A Single Cylinder Engine (SCE) has been designed, manufactured and assembled. The design of the SCE has been validated by FEA modelling. The run-in and validation program has been performed successfully. This SCE will be used for experimental test programs for scavenging optimization task at UPVLC and combustion optimization task at IFPEN. In parallel, air-loop optimization for the targeted multi-cylinder engines (2 and 3 cylinders) is ongoing in CTU by simulation.