Demonstrator vehicle VOLVO X90 featuring the future 4-stroke D/E class Diesel engine (WP 6)

During the first 6-month of the project, the main focus was on virtual studies and simulations to determine design boundaries. These were finalised during the end of 2015. The next phase of the work was to secure the procurement of prototype parts for combustion development and engine aftertreatment system development, where testing will start. Very good collaboration was established with the aftertreatment activities resulting in an extensive simulation/sensitivity study for the engine aftertreatment concepts.

During the second 6-months of the project, the charging system and EGR system concepts were chosen and the combustion development progress advanced according to plan. Activities such as port development and first CFD simulation loop have been finalised. The development of the aftertreatment system is continuing. The design, packaging and procurement of parts has started. The next important step in the work will be the finalisation of the combustion development as well as securing all parts for the multi cylinder engine.