Demonstrator vehicle RENAULT Kadjar featuring the future 4-stroke B/C class Diesel engine

WP 5 develops a new low NOx combustion concept with an experimental engine provided by RENAULT (based on 1,6L R9M). The advanced test engine features a new engine architecture such as revised high pressure and low pressure EGR systems, a new charge air cooler arrangement and various other technical improvements. The optimum hardware configuration was developed on an engine test bed by a comprehensive optimization of various test configurations. This was carried out by Design of Experiments (DoE) which additionally models the combustion characteristics and thus enables the comparison of hardware configurations at their optimum calibration settings such as timing, EGR rate, rail pressure, VNT position etc. Furthermore, the main trade-off characteristics as e.g. NOx versus Soot emissions and NOx versus fuel consumption can be calculated from these models. An advanced exhaust aftertreatment system has been developed and provided by WP 2 of REWARD. The ongoing activities focus on the adaptation of this system to the engine and on the joint calibration of engine and aftertreatment system.