Renault demonstrator
Based on Renault Kadjar with 1.6 DCI engine
Roller Finger Follower
Volvo demonstrator
Based on the all new Volvo XC60

REWARD Final Results

The presentation of REWARD final results took place on Wednesday 18 April at Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA) in Vienna.
This event was organized by AVL and the REWARD partners in collaboration with the dieper consortium.

The one day event was a joint stakeholder event with the dieper project, focusing mainly on the REWARD results, including the future research outlook and the future take up of the results via dieper and other initiatives. These future scenarios have been discussed in a lively stakeholder panel discussion.
During the breaks, there were possibilities to view the demonstrators (2 vehicles) and a poster exhibition was organised.

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Vision and Objectives

The overall objective of the REWARD project is to develop the knowhow, intellectual property rights and technical capabilities to adequately and cost-effectively produce cleaner, highly efficient Diesel powertrains and aftertreatment technologies for future cleaner class A, B, C, D and E passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 3,500 kg that “go beyond Euro 6 limits under Real Driving conditions” (EU6 RDE).

All technologies: friction and wear reduction measures, exhaust gas treatment concepts, fuel-efficient 2-stroke and 4-stroke Diesel engine concepts will be advanced to TRL 6 or TRL 7 and integrated in two demonstration vehicles. Read more...

Partner locations

Partner locations

Events related to REWARD

Facts & Figures

REal World Advanced Technologies foR Diesel Engines
Acronym: REWARD
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1 May 2015
Total budget: 12.5 M€
EC Funding: 10 M€

The consortium consists of 16 partners from 10 different European countries.

Partners about

"Focusing on the basic principles of fuel-air mixing, combustion, catalytic exhaust aftertreatment, control and enhanced tribology, REWARD’s holistic approach supports a comprehensive advancement of Diesel engines...." Read more...
Pascal TribottéPascal TribottéRenault
"Diesel engines will keep an important market share in Europe for the next 10-20 years, and should keep a 10-15% advantage in CO2 emissions compared to Gasoline engines. REWARD is an opportunity for Renault and its partners to develop the most competitive solutions for..." Read more...
Tobias StalforsTobias StalforsVolvo Cars
"Within the REWARD project, Volvo Cars focuses on the challenge of utilizing a 2.0 l Diesel engine (> 100kW/l, i.e. heavy downsizing) for class D/E vehicles to achieve 5% more fuel efficiency at this power level, and prove compliance with post Euro 6 emission limits..." Read more...
Andrea GeriniAndrea GeriniCRF
"The REWARD project is the perfect platform where car manufacturers, suppliers, research centres and universities meet together to develop future technologies for Diesel engines targeting post Euro 6 emissions and supporting the EU challenge in reducing the carbon footprint from the transportation sector..." Read more...
Bianca Maria VagliecoBianca Maria VagliecoCNR
"In the REWARD project, IM-CNR contributes with optical and numerical analysis of the injection/combustion behavior in an optical SC CI engine and fuel sensitivity analysis of the performance and emissions of a multi-cylinder engine..." Read more... 
Chris MorganChris MorganJohnson Matthey
“The REWARD programme aligns with our aims to develop optimised, robust and cost-effective aftertreatment technologies that perform to the best standards in the real world environment. We are proud to work with our consortium partners to further the development of..." Read more... 
Simon EdwardsSimon EdwardsRicardo
“For future passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, cost effectively improving the cleanliness and efficiency of their Diesel engines beyond the Euro 6 limits, as is the target of the REWARD project, will provide a significant contribution to achieving Europe’s commitments to...” Read more... 
Nazlim BagcivanNazlim BagcivanSchaeffler
"REal World Advanced Technologies foR Diesel Engines (REWARD) are measures to generate more efficient and cleaner mobility for passenger cars on a medium term perspective. Schaeffler as a globally acting automotive supplier continues with the project REWARD its aspiration to..." Read more... 
Christophe GarsiChristophe GarsiDelphi
"The Advanced Injection & Combustion team is happy to continue their cooperation with their historical partners from the POWERFuL program by supporting the REWARD WP4 in order to advance diesel engine technology..." Read more... 
Carolien MazalCarolien MazalUniresearch
"The REWARD project will be a success for Uniresearch, if the partners are able to concentrate on their challenging project tasks, knowing that the project management is in capable hands..." Read more...
Gaetano de PaolaGaetano de PaolaIFPEN
"From research to industry, placing innovation at the very core of our action..." Read more... 
Louise OlssonLouise OlssonChalmers
"Chalmers University of Technology is part of the REWARD project for conducting research relating to catalysis for cleaning emissions from fuels. The focus is on catalytic systems for engines that use air excess during combustion..." Read more... 
Pavel BrynchPavel BrynchCTU
"With our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm we would like to achieve the challenging targets of the REWARD project..." Read more... 
Ricardo NovellaRicardo NovellaUPVLC
"During the last 10 years the research institute CMT - Motores Térmicos from UPVLC has collaborated in 8 EC funded projects, more than 50 projects with National public funding, more than 200 private contracts on internal combustion engines with more than 20 European companies and..." Read more...

Project interactions

REWARD is prepared to link to other projects that focus on developing spark ignition non-hybrid engines and/or studies of health and environmental effects of micro and nano particles emissions.